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So far, this blog with its lovely beginnings, has concentrated on tiny living.  When I starte, I had more topics in mind, so I’ll be expanding the posts to include everything that has to do with growing older, living lighter, being healthy, etc.  I’ll still be posting about those amazing little homes, but now I’ll be adding more.

One section I’ll be adding will be titled “From Here To Sixty.” I just turned 58 in June, so I have just under two years to make sure I accomplish and learn…to truly relax into my life.  To embrace change.

I started my dreadlocks on March 15 of this year.  They are doing well and will be lovely mature locs when I hit sixty.

I also want to continue losing weight and it will soon be perfect fall weather for walking long distances.  It’s been so hot that it wasn’t feasible this past month or so.

So Jan’s Plans will be taking on a bit more interest, more varied topics, bits and bobs along this road less traveled.

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